On March 5, NE Distance and the Providence After School Alliance (PASA) finalized a financial partnership to establish two additional middle school track & field programs at select Providence schools. Both organizations understand the importance of expanding quality after school athletic opportunities for inner-city youth, and believe that NE Distance is the ideal syndicate to lead this effort given its experience in Woonsocket, R.I.

“This collaboration with PASA will allow our elite athletes, both new and old, to promote good health and wellness habits through running,” said NE Distance Founder Nich Haber. “By teaming up with Providence public schools we will be able to provide these rewarding opportunities on a timespan that aligns perfectly with our schedule.” PASA’s experience building youth development through hands-on learning will combine ideally with the mentorship and coaching aspects of NE Distance in service of that mission.

PASA plans to devote significant funding and development resources to the program. With the roughly $4500 grant, NE Distance will contribute its own team of elite runners to help facilitate practices and meets with excited students at Esek Hopkins and Nathan Bishop Middle Schools in Providence, R.I.

“Teaching youth about teamwork, identity, and 21st century skills in a way that is fun and enjoyable is so important today,” said Randall. “To me, looking at what NE Distance does is precisely that and it speaks a lot to our core elements at PASA.”

Students participating in the six week program can expect to learn the basics of track & field, including sprint and distance running, jumps, throws, and physical literacy.

In partnering with PASA, NE Distance is taking another step toward fulfilling its dual mission to promote health and well-being among children while providing support to post-collegiate athletes on a training path to top-level competition. The program is set to begin on April 22.

NE Distance, PASA Partner to Offer Providence Middle School Track Programs